To close out National Surveyors Week, J2 Engineers spoke with Shiloh Noone, Project Surveyor, to learn about what drew him to surveying and what he enjoys about the work. Shiloh has 13 years in the surveying industry, holds a Survey Civil certificate from Northern Virginia Community College, and is becoming licensed in Virginia. His educational background focuses on materials and methods of construction, construction management, and survey project management. He has been with J2 for six years and is proud of the growth he’s made — the main reason why he chose to come on board at J2.

J2: What is your typical day like?
I’m predominantly in the office and work closely with our field crews, civil team, clients, and real estate attorneys to collaborate and streamline our surveying services. I enjoy the responsibility of leading the survey front-end work that is involved in a project.

National Surveyors Week 2021

“I enjoy the responsibility of leading the survey front-end work that is involved in a project.” – Shiloh Noone, Project Surveyor, J2.

J2: What technology do you and the J2 surveying department typically use?
I’m heavily involved with software such as Carlson Civil-Survey, Carlson GIS, and Leica Infinity. Carlson Survey takes care of all our survey needs. We use it for field-to-finish, coordinate & datum transformations, deeds, field data management, lot layouts and lot management, surfacing and surface management, and merging surface data. The GIS package processes supplemental data and is a great tool since Open Data has become more accessible in recent years.

“Project success begins with survey.” (30-second mark) – Shiloh Noone

J2: Where is J2 surveying going next with technology? How will it further our surveying offering?
We are in the process of pursuing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and drones. Survey drones are more accessible and affordable now and are great additions to a land surveyor toolkit. They gather surface data and aerial imagery across previously unreachable, difficult terrain and scan large areas in a short amount of time. This helps surveyors stay ahead of our client needs and demands.

J2: What special areas within surveying interest you most and why?
I enjoy taking the lead on the front-end survey work. My favorite projects are the ones I take from proposal to completion. I love so much of the job, including boundary surveys, ALTA surveys, topographic mapping, subdividing land, proposals, project coordination, and producing the survey deliverables. I take pride in successfully bringing a project from beginning to end.

I also have a lot of interest in the legality side of surveying, finding the different ways to subdivide and adjust land, understanding the different uses of easements and how that ties into the functionality of deeds. Having a good handle on this helps properly navigate our land development work.

Last, I like keeping up with surveying technology. Not only is innovative technology an interesting topic to follow, but staying on top of what’s current is important in my field. We are in a time where technology constantly changes for a land surveyor. How we obtain and process field data rapidly evolves. Keeping current with the different software, GPS/scanning equipment, and drones is vital.

J2: What piece of advice would you give to engineering students?
It’s important to ask questions. Finding comfort in collaborating with all disciplines within civil engineering is a great way to enhance your knowledge about the industry.

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