J2 Engineers is proud to announce that we are a 2019 Hot Firm and a Best Firm to Work For!

Zweig Group, the leading resource for AEC-industry firms, recognizes and celebrates top-firm performance annually in several awards categories, including the Hot Firms and Best Firms to Work For.
J2 Engineers is thrilled to receive the Hot Firm and Best Firm to Work For Awards for the second year in a row! These accolades reaffirm our rapid success — J2 was founded in 2007 — and the philosophy behind the firm.

“Jim Bishoff and I built our firm to standout. We take a different approach to engineering and landscape architecture,” said Jeff Gilliland, Founding Principal. “With the Hot Firm and Best Firm to Work For awards, we know that our recipe is working. We focus on client goals, build strong relationships, foster a positive work culture, and offer excellent, unparalleled services. I’m excited to see this formula pay off.”

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The J2 motto Unlimited Potential, Different by Design tells the story of J2 and how we achieve excellence. The company environment sparks mentorship, cooperation, and collaboration. Leadership motivates staff to tap into their gifts and thrive. The firm encourages professional growth and creates a fun place to work. J2 clients know leadership and new staff alike, expect and receive top quality service, and trust us with the most complicated and innovative projects.

“J2 is a firm that feels small but thinks big. We offer our clients what large companies can’t — thorough, personalized attention and opportunity to find better, creative engineering solutions,” said Jim Bishoff, Founding Principal. “J2 employees follow the best path, not the same path, for each project. This flexibility drives our staff to grow and do what is best for the client. This makes us both a Hot Firm and a Best Firm to Work For.”

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Hot Firms
The Hot Firms designation recognizes the 100 fastest-growing architecture, engineering, planning, and environmental consulting firms in the U.S. Hundreds of submissions are ranked by a score comprised of both dollar and percentage growth rate over a three-year period.

Best Firms To Work For
The Best Firms To Work For honor celebrates firms for their ability to inspire their teams to perform at the highest levels and create an environment where their people feel valued, can make a difference, and can clearly see where their contribution fits into the overall mission and success of the firm. The Best Firms to Work For award recognizes AEC firms based on their workplace practices, employee benefits, employee retention rates, and much more.

hot engineering firm best firm to work for

“Reading our employee survey results, I saw statements like ‘family-like and friendly atmosphere,’ ‘learning so much, so fast,’ ‘culture is fantastic,’ and ‘values what satisfies employees,'” said Bob Brown, Principal. “When employees are happy, the company and our clients prosper. I’m looking forward to continually improving J2 and ensuring every employee is happy to walk into work.”

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