J2 Associate Jon Wilfong Wins Best Engineer in Loudoun County, Virginia

J2 Associate Jon Wilfong, PE wins the 2020 Best Engineer in Loudoun County honor in the Loudoun Times-Mirror‘s Best of Loudoun contest. Loudoun County residents annually vote to support their favorite local businesses, organizations, professionals, and attractions.

“I am extremely thankful to my team for nominating me in the Loudoun Times-Mirror Best of Loudoun contest and am humbled by all who voted for me,” shares Jon Wilfong. “I love what I do and working with and mentoring my J2 team. This award means an incredible amount to me, and I’m excited to continue to help make Loudoun County a great place to live.”

On behalf of everyone at J2, thank you for supporting and voting for Jon in the annual reader’s choice contest. Participants in the competition must qualify via nomination. Jon’s team surprised him last November with his nomination.

“In 2004, I recruited Jon as a graduate of West Virginia University of Technology. He is an incredible person, a devoted father and husband, a fantastic engineer, and a great mentor to our talented engineers,” shares Jim Bishoff, J2 Engineers Principal. “I cannot think of a more deserving person than Jon to be named Best Engineer in Loudoun.”

Jon is a proud Loudoun County resident and has spent 12 years with J2 focusing on Loudoun County infrastructure. He is important to our company and plays a significant role in managing J2 transportation projects.

Congratulations to the two finalists, top-five, and all the engineer nominees. To see Jon’s listing, please visit the Best of Loudoun Special Section.