J2 is named a Hot Firm and a Best Firm to Work For by Zweig Group for the fourth consecutive year! We are thrilled to be recognized for our employeebest firm to work for experience and our growth. Zweig Group, the leading resource for AEC-industry firms, recognizes and celebrates top-firm performance annually, including the Hot Firms and Best Firms to Work For. We utilize these benchmarks when developing strategic initiatives.

“The Best Firm to Work For award is very special to J2,” shares Jeff Gilliland, Principal. “We strive to be a great place to work every year. We always want to do better for our staff so walking into work or logging in virtually happens with a smile. When you love where you work and what you do, day-to-day happiness and overall success are achievable.”

Our mission statement, Unlimited Potential, Different by Design, describes the ideals behind founding J2 and how we operate today. We continually take steps toward an exciting, innovative future for our team and clients. We practice the following Core Values to ensure we are always moving forward for our team.

  1. Different. Better. We strive to provide our clients and staff with something different and better than they can get anywhere else.
  2. Positive. We tell people what they are doing right. We strive to be a place where everyone is happy walking into work.
  3. Fulfillment. We see the contributions we make at work come to fruition and know we did our best job. Innovation and originality are applauded at all levels in our operation.
  4. Environment. We are a supportive environment with all the leadership and tools for employees to tap into their unlimited potential.
  5. A New Way to Do Business. We like to stand out, care for, and connect with our clients. We use the best ideas, not the most common.

“We are so proud to be named a Best Firm to Work For for the fourth annual year,” said Jim Bishoff, Principal. “We take our time to hire the best employees and do our due diligence planning company strategic initiatives and individual employee goals. When our employees are happy, the company thrives. But more importantly, we do great work when we enjoy working together.”

In addition to the Best Firms to Work For award, we also received the Hot Firm Award. Firms are ranked based on three-year growth in revenue by both percentage and dollar growth.

“We’re honored to be a Hot Firm and a Best Firm to Work For,” comments Bob Brown, Principal. “Every AEC firm encountered challenges during 2020 — from employee and client connection to the quantity of work. We worked hard to grow our business and improve J2, even when we were virtual. To know that we were able to heighten our company experience AND rise more than thirty notches in the Hot Firms ranks is huge. These awards mean even more this year.”

To learn more about working at J2, visit our Careers page.