J2’s Recent Landscape Architect Hire Adam Rogers Opens Warrenton Office

adam rogers landscape architect j2 engineers

Adam Rogers, Professional Landscape Architect and Senior Project Manager, J2

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Adam Rogers, PLA, Senior Project Manager, is well into his second month at J2 Engineers and their Landscape Architecture Studio. We asked Adam a few questions to learn more about him, his experience, and why he chose to further his Landscape Architecture career at J2.

J2: What drove you to choose to join J2 Engineers?

Adam: I liked the project types at J2, the feeling I got from J2 leadership, and how the principals spoke about the work. J2, though it has four offices — including our newest in Warrenton, has an atmosphere of a shop. I like that. We’re not churning out projects for the sake of churning out projects. J2 thinks through what projects they want to do and how to do them right. I also knew my responsibilities at J2 would include a variety of project types – streetscape, land development, residential, parks, and amenities — servicing both J2’s existing clients and many new clients.

J2: How did you choose to get into Landscape Architecture? What drew you to the profession?

Adam: I like seeing a project designed and built. It’s one of the reasons why you get into this type of work. Also, my dad was a carpenter, my mom was an artist, and we lived in the country. I was outside all the time in our garden. I was also on construction sites a lot with my dad, and my mom constantly exposed me to art. Landscape architecture is essentially those two things. I am a blend of what my parents did and what I saw.

J2: Do you still garden?

Adam: I recently built an enclosed cedar vegetable garden with fencing with the help of my 2- and 4-year-old.

J2: Tell me why the new Warrenton office is important. What are we going to bring to the area?

Adam: Personally, J2 provides me the opportunity to work on a variety of diverse projects. I live in the same county where I grew up, Rappahannock, and Warrenton is not a far drive for me. The proximity of Warrenton to Chantilly is a great connection point.

work in progress landscape architecture sketch

Adam Rogers’ unique experience of growing up in construction and art led him to become a landscape architect.

J2’s “shop” mentality and public work in smaller regions make J2 a perfect fit in Warrenton. We are cognizant of what is essential to citizens while improving aesthetics and function. I’m from a rural area. My background helps me understand the small-town feel. Additionally, J2’s large county and city experience and ample horsepower will help any region like Warrenton tremendously.

Adam has more than ten years of experience in the Landscape Architecture field and graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture. We asked Adam Steiner, PLA, Senior Associate and founder of the J2 LA Studio, what he thinks Adam Rogers will bring to J2’s LA studio.

“I’m thrilled to have Adam Rogers join the J2 Landscape Architecture Studio and establish our landscape architecture expertise even further in the region,” shares Adam Steiner. “Rogers’ varied background from high-end residential to recreation parks and beyond will be an absolute asset to our LA studio. Additionally, his artistic vision and pragmatic touch are two invaluable qualities in a landscape architect.”

J2: Special areas of interest in your field?

Adam: As I mentioned, I like variety and working on all kinds of projects. I love researching, designing, and coming up with solutions – being part of a project from start to finish. I also like being part of the construction phase.

Public work fulfills and interests me. As a landscape architect, you spend so much time with your head down at a computer thinking about and creating spaces. With public work, you can physically visit the project repeatedly and see it used. It’s neat to make a concept and then see it built – like designing a crazy, fun playground with ships. Then you visit the park and see children screaming, “This is the BEST playground ever!” That makes you feel good.

Note, I was once a certified playground safety inspector, so I look at playgrounds very differently than most people.

schematic level conceptual landscape architecture

Adam Rogers has a skill for putting ideas to paper, as seen in this schematic-level conceptual plan.

J2: What types of projects have you worked on?

Adam: I’ve been part of teams designing high-end residential projects throughout the US. We created amazing things you would typically see in coffee table garden books. I learned a lot at this residential level, seeing what materials to use and coordinating with contractors. My recent experience designing things like the shoreline park project in Alexandria, VA, is entirely different. My wife is a pilot, and she gets to fly over this public park that I worked on for several years. We both see people use this space. To me, that is rewarding.

J2: What was the smallest project you have ever worked on?

Adam: When I sit on an airplane, and someone asks what I do. I say, “I’m a landscape architect.” Then they say, “Can you put some bushes in front of my front porch?” They don’t know what a landscape architect is, but, yeah, I’ve done small things like that.

J2: The largest?

Adam: Either the Jefferson-Houston Pre-K-8 IB School in Alexandria, VA, or the Windmill Hill Park in Alexandria. Windmill was an existing concrete bulkhead that we demoed and turned into a living shoreline.

Now to get to know Adam on a more personal level.

J2: What are your most considerable skillsets?

Adam: I can talk with my hands, mouth, and pen at the same time. I’m artistic and can put ideas to paper quickly. I can help in a conversation when two people are not communicating well by drawing a 3-dimensional picture, so we can all understand.

J2: What is your most memorable trip? Why?

Adam: My wife is a pilot, so we’ve been able to make many great trips. Iceland was incredible with my 1-year-old. The landscape is wild. It has it all, from volcanoes and glaciers to waterfalls and the Blue Lagoon. I also love Maui, and I’ve been to Europe quite a few times.

These trips inspire me. “My wife says, ‘Your phone has more pictures of curbs and concrete than it does of our kids.” I take pictures of details, landscapes, and streetscapes. The way European cities have evolved is something to be used as a precedent. They have been around a lot longer than us and have smaller areas to use. They treat things differently, even how they zone.

J2: What do you like to do in your free time? Any special hobbies?

Adam: Not as much this past year with COVID, but I am in a band named the Gold Top County Ramblers and play a fair amount of music venues, festivals, weddings, bars, BBQs, all kinds of stuff. We’re bluegrass-like but more rock-and-roll — Allman brothers meet Mumford and Sons. I write a bunch of songs, so we play original music. I play the mandolin, taught myself after college, and sing. I am the lead singer – someone had to do it.

J2: Are you an expert in any areas of technology/software?

Adam: I try to be with the iPad on creative applications like Morpholio Trace.

Thanks for chatting with us, Adam! We’re excited to see you grow with the new J2 Warrenton office.

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