Project Description

The Route 1 Improvements project involved the widening 3,800 foot of Route 1 through a re-development area of Potomac Yard in Alexandria. The project was designed to accommodate the future BRT lanes servicing transit for the City of Alexandria. The project consisted of widening of an existing roadway (28,000 VPD) by 65 foot, develop pedestrian facilities (including bus stops), signal warrant and design, multi-phase traffic management plans and pavement marking plans. J2E development the design to avoid conflicts with an existing 230kV power line servicing National Airport and the Pentagon. The 230kv was located just inside the proposed outer curb line of the northbound lanes, J2 reversed the roadway cross slope to the median. This approach placed all the drainage structures in the median and required three crossings to outfall the storm.  The design implemented oversized inlets and pipes to convey 25-yr storm event. The roadway design controlled access points along Route 1 which improve LOS and introducing multi-modal environment.

As part of the contract, we prepared the construction documents, drainage design, SWM, utility design, signal design, lighting, landscaping, multi-phase traffic management plans, pavement marking plans, permitting and construction administration assistance.