What is it Like to Work at J2?

J2 Engineers is a rapidly growing civil and transportation engineering firm that is seeking to attract like-minded and ambitious talent. With a culture focused on merit rather than tenure, J2 Engineers seeks to empower its employees through the ability to work on large, high-profile projects with a support group of expertly trained peers. Every employee at J2 Engineers is given the autonomy to realize their potential and is recognized when that potential is met.

The Managing Principals are actively involved and deeply invested in the success of their people, the firm and their clients. They work side-by-side with the every member of the J2 team to create cost-effective and context-sensitive engineering solutions. An employee will expect to find empowerment, mentorship, cooperation, and collaboration at J2 Engineers.

Let’s Make This Easy

If one of our open positions (see below) is right for you, click on its link and attach your resume, portfolio, and/or cover letter. We’d like to know why you would be an asset to the J2 team. Make sure you mention your work, internship, and education experiences, along with the kind of things that round out your life. We’ll take it from there. If you would like to know about future opportunities not listed, write us a letter and use the form below.

Current Open Positions

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Use the form below to share your resume and cover letter, or send us an email at jobs@j2engineers.com. We look forward to getting to know you!


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J2 Engineers, Inc. is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer. It is the policy of the Company to provide equal employment opportunities to all qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, gender identity, protected veteran or disabled status. If you need more information or special assistance for a person with disabilities or limited English proficiency, please contact HR Department at jobs@j2engineers.com or telephone at (703) 361-1550.